2012 Chili Cook-Off

First, Let me know if you have any pics from the event. I didn't take any, so posting a few up would be excellent.


Scores were based off 11 taste tester results. Scores are ranked out of a possible 10.

8.6 : The Meaty Canadian (Classic Chili)

By: Jamie ConnellyGround Beef, Hot Italian Sausage, Peppers and Beans

7.3 : Überchili (Classic)By: Jason & Maria Gehrke

Chorizo, Hot Itallian Sausage, Kidney/Chili beans, Jalapenos/Bells

7.1 : Full Load Experience (21st Century)By: Tim Sommers

Sweet peppers, green chilissecret sauces


6.3 : 3-Meat Beer Chili (Classic Chili)

By: Richard McRae

Beef, Chorizo, andouille sausage, beans, vegetables, Beer

6.1 : Standard Internet Chili (Classic Internet Chili)

By: Jon Davis

Beef, beans, onion, peppers

5.8 : Brandy and Burn (Hot Chili)

By: Dave VanZuiden

Brandy, beef, hot peppers, Brandy

5.0 : Coffee Stout Chili (Classic Chili)

By: Rob Swafford

Cinnamon, Chocolate, Steak

4.1 : White chicken Habanero (White Chili)

By: Richard McRae

Chicken, sorrano peppers, habanero, sour cream, milk

3.1 : Barley Chicken Chili (Chicken Chili)

By; Jeanna Swafford

Potatoes, chicken, corn, barley

2.9 : No-Name Nate (Classic Chili)

By: Nate Smars

Beef, chicken, 3 bean