2020 Can-merica Grill Fest

(16th Annual)

August 29th 2020

16 years and counting!!!

9211 South Nicholson Road, Oak Creek WI 53154

After talking through how we plan the day with Kay, there are a few guidelines we will try and follow and changes from previous years.


  • No hanging around in the kitchen. We will figure out a system from outdoors to bathroom. It's a single point of use anyways. Basically one in, one out to minimize jamming up in my house.


  • You DO NOT need to worry about bringing anything. I will be grilling and serving food in separate baskets or containers. We'll also have individual utensil, drinks and condiments.

  • We should still be able to do ribs more or less per normal. We'll just need to serve them in the containers I will have if we want to share beyond the judges.


  • On tap this year will be Mobcraft's MC Amber. I am working on an upgraded beer delivery system.

A foot controlled, touch-less beer delivery servo solenoid system! (Patent Pending).

  • You are encouraged to bring your own cooler and cups however to save on waste and keep things separated.


  • Here's the BIG ONE. If the weather looks like crap, we're cancelling. This need to be an outdoor event.

Thanks in advance for understanding the new changes.... hoping for good weather and good times still!

This year is a little different (for various reasons), but we (I'm) are also doing a little pipe event in the morning.

Here's the details for the day:


Pipes, gear and tours of the shop. All things pipes!


I will try and display pipes, racks, supplies and accessories on my deck during the morning.

If there’s something you’re specifically looking for, let me know and I can see what I can find. I’m hoping to have 100+ pipes, a dozen racks and a good supply of accessories.

Also, I will not have the time to clean up all the pipes the way that I would like to. I am hoping people can purchase and leave them with me with the hope that I can deliver them to Arlington at the following meeting. Time permitting, I will clean what I can before you end your day.

12:00PM – 3:00PM LUNCH / SMOKE-OUT

Since I know not everyone will want to stay late, lunch would be a good idea. This would be time for me to clean up the shop as well as to let people hang out, smoke and continue to enjoy. Note: I will be staring my ribs at this time for the completion as well as putting supplies away.



This is when people start showing up, hanging out and helping to get the event kicked off. It’s usually a good time to grab a “cool” one and kick back, or if you’re a rib chef, man the grills!


Food generally includes your standard tailgate fare. Burgers, brats, corn, backed potatoes, beer. As in years past for ribs “the cooks get the first dibs”. We need to do this for judging. Want Ribs? Cook some and join the fun! Want to cook something? Great!

Food, Drink and Rib Competition Info is Listed Below


Lawn games, axe throwing, bonfire, and general good times. Hang out and have fun!

For those of you who honestly don't know the days events (or have had a really great time in previous years, and don't remember), here's a run down.


I know some of you have been practicing and perfecting your rib recipes. The grill will be fired up around noon for those wishing to get in on the action.

The 3 categories are "Wettest Meat (Best Sauce)", "Meat Rubber (Best Rub)", Best Overall

If you’re interested, let me know. I can pick up the racks for you, or you can bring your own.

We need 2 – 3 racks per cook so there’s enough to go around.

So, if you’re interested in participating, e-mail me with how many racks you want, and I will make sure to grab them for you.


The Meat: Baby back Ribs (obviously), Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers and Hotdogs

The Sides: Potato Salad, Various Chips and Utz Pub Mix

Sweets: Various cookies

* We will be individually packaging everything this year along with separate condiments and utensils.

What we drinking?: I will have beer on tap, as well as some soda and waters. I will also have some spare coolers for you to toss your drink in.

But, the main star of the show this year will be:

Stop! Amber Time! Break it down with this Amber Ale, boasting a robust copper hue with a malt forward backbone and balanced hop bitterness. IBU: 18 ABV: 5.5%

Also From The Cellar: There is always a few bottles of the house red or white available for sampling. I might even be talked into raiding the good beer.

“What Can I Bring??” Bring your own drinks. I could use a hand setting the days events up more than anything. if you must bring something, make sure its separated and in individual disposable serving containers. Thanks!


B.A. Bonfire: As always there will be a bonfire you can always sit back, drink, eat and relax while listing to some tunes on the deck or around the fire.

LAWN GAMES: We'll be taking full advantage of the property with some games. I can set up the following, feel free to bring others.

Through-out the property random acts of:

    • Cornhole setup in the driveway, and through-out the property random acts of

    • Beer Golf

    • Kubb

    • Dodge Bucket

    • Axe Throwing!: It was a hit last year, lets do it again!


This year, we're encouraging camping. With the addition of another property just south of me, I have over an acre of land to use

If the weather goes south, there's always the Goat Shed. I will happily cook breakfast for all those that stay over. Be safe .

Pitch a tent! If you need a tent, I have spares. Sleep in a School Bus? Hey, these things happen.

What if you’re not local? As always you out-of-country and out of state people get first dibs on sleeping arrangements.

If you make the drive \ flight \ train ride \ walk \ whatever, I'll keep the beer cold and the grill warm


Surprisingly, this is a kid friendly event (at least while the suns up). There is a play set in the backyard, and lots of room.

Before the bash the yard will be sprayed, re-sprayed, and napalmed if necessary to keep the mosquitoes at bay.


Q: Can I bring my kids, wife, husband, girlfriend, etc?

  • A: Yup. Keep in mind, you've read the above. If they are strongly opposed to grilling, good food, the outdoors, cigars or lawn games I make no promises on their excitement for being in attendance.

Q: Can I bring food or drinks?

  • A: Sure! Not required, but you’re more than welcome to bring something to share.

Q: I can only make half the day. Is that OK?

  • A: Of course! Come hang out for whatever makes sense for you.

Q: Can I camp?

  • A: Absolutely. There’s plenty of backyard to set up a tent if you want. You can also make reservations at the local establishments. Being near the airport, there are lots of affordable options.

Q: Parking?

  • A: I have a large driveway. My neighbors all do as well. We’ll figure it out. We do every year.

Q: Social Distancing?

  • A: We’ll be outside, and able to distance. If you have a mask, bring it. I Hope to have the usual sanitation gear on hand as well. In addition efforts to separate food into individual portions are being made.

We are still working out the details to co-ordinate this year. First off, I will be working on a more accurate guest list so we know what to prepare for. You might see an email come out asking some info. We will be handing a few things a little different. Some of the things we're working on are:

  • Individual food dishing out instead of buffet style. We know the people that make that ziplock stuff.

  • Hand sanitizer and hand washing setup outside.

  • Cigars to promote advanced social distancing techniques.

More to come as I get the numbers together and figure out what's up.

Note: If you're sick, might be sick, been around someone sick. Please, stay home.

That’s it. Hopefully you can make it!

~Kay & Jamie